Moving requires a lot of planning, coordination and organization. Moving a vehicle only adds to the stress and pressure that moving requires. Not to mention, shipping a car is not for the faint of heart. With thousands of companies offering their version of consumer transport services, it can be difficult enough just trying to figure out who to call. That is why Simply AutoShipping is pleased to offer reliable and professional door-to-door transportation services.

Door-to-door delivery in a nutshell

We offer a service that means your driver will pick up and drop off your vehicle as close to your front door as is legally and safely possible. Although some cities do have restrictions against large trucks traveling on smaller roads, we can work around that by setting up a meeting space at a nearby parking lot. If that ends up being the case, we will still ensure your service and transport are as convenient as possible.

Enclosed vehicle delivery

What if you need to ship a custom or classic car? Well, not any type of delivery will do. In this case, the enclosed car transport is quite often the preferred method of shipment. You take pride and every measure to ensure your car is in top condition at all times. This means your car needs to be cared for on a consistent basis. That is exactly why Simply AutoShipping offers enclosed car shipping trailers. This means that your car gets full protection from weather elements and flying objects. Enclosed car transport also prevents dust from adhering to the interior and exterior of your car while the car is in transit. We have both enclosed and open auto transport. Rest assured that our carriers utilize only the best practices available and adapt to any and all situations when it comes to shipping your most prized possession. Shipping a car may be a once-in-a-lifetime event. It requires a well-coordinated team of agents, carriers to get the job done right. Simply AutoShipping gets the job done right the first time and every time.

Open trailer

The most common form of auto shipping is by using an open trailer. You've probably seen these plenty of times on the highway. It is also the most economical form of shipping. Simply AutoShipping transports hundreds of vehicles every day such as sedans, SUVs, minivans and pick-up trucks to and from any point in the continental U.S. We start by loading your vehicle onto a single or double decker car shipping trailer, which takes your car from its point of origin to its final destination. New cars are shipped daily using the open trailer method. Our friendly agents will work with you to organize your open car transport needs whether you need to ship your car to a neighboring state or across the country.

How does it work?

1. Schedule your shipment

We ask that you give us at least 2 weeks' advance notice to ensure your car gets picked up on time. One of our expert specialists will discuss all of your needs and requirements, as well as setting up your pick up and delivery.

2. Pick up

One of our trusted carriers will arrive at your location or a nearby parking lot to pick up your car. Prior to loading, our driver will perform a comprehensive inspection of the car--you should do the same. From there, you should also remove all of your personal belongings from the car--our insurance coverage does not protect personal items.

3. Delivery

Your vehicle will then be delivered to your specified location. Of course, Simply AutoShipping will contact you before delivery to give you an estimated drop-off time. When we arrive, the driver will perform a final inspection to ensure that no damage occurred during transit. You can and should do the same, using your initial inspection as a point of reference. The majority of our shipments go without incident. In the event that anything happens, we have a hassle-free claims process to help you in any unexpected situations. We want to keep our customers happy and coming back for more.

How we are different

As leaders in auto transport services, our objective is to get your vehicle from one location to the next safely, while making sure all of your needs are met. When you work with Simply AutoShipping, you can rest easy knowing that you don't have to deal with the complicated and confusing process of car shipping. The only worry you have is knowing where you want your vehicle shipped. Simply AutoShipping will take care of everything else. All we require is an initial deposit—via Paypal, and then payment upon delivery using cash or certified check. It truly is that easy. We arrange everything from assigning a driver to arranging a picking and keeping track of your car's progress in transit. Contact us for up-to-the-minute updates. If you are ready to begin the process, give us a call today.