Below you will find answers to common questions customers have when shipping a car.  Have a different question?  Contact our shipping specialists for further assistance.

When should I schedule the transport of my car?

As you would imagine, here at Simply Auto Shipping we spend most of our time scheduling vehicle shipments, and we always ask that you schedule your move as soon as possible.  Ideally, about 2 weeks before you would like your auto picked-up.  This will ensure your car will be picked up on time.

What kind of vehicles does Simply Auto Shipping transport?

Simply Auto Shipping specializes in shipping cars, vans, trucks and SUVs. However, if you need to ship a motorcycle, you can visit our sister company at

Can I ship personal items in my car?

Yes, you can send about 100 lbs worth of belongings with your vehicle shipment.  However, most drivers will ask that the items be stored in the trunk or out of plain view.  This is to limit the chances of theft while en route.

What is Door to Door service?

Simply Auto Shipping will arrange for pickup and delivery of your vehicle at your specified locations (could be your residence, office, or any other location). That being said, it may be difficult and illegal for an 18 wheeler tractor trailer to come down your grandma’s side street, but we will get as close as possible. In this case, we will use the nearest parking lot to your home. Our competitors may advertise door-to-door service but actually require the vehicle be picked up from a nearby hub.  Simply Auto Shipping strives to deliver as close as possible to the designated address.

How do I prepare my vehicle for transport?

Click here (link) to learn the necessary steps

How do I make payment?

A booking deposit for your auto transport service will be requested via PayPal, only once the car is loaded on the trailer and en route. The remaining balance will be due upon delivery.  Our carriers will only accept cash or certified check.

Below, you'll find answers to common questions we normally receive. Need additional assistance? Feel free to contact our shipping specialists any time.

How much notice should I give of needing to transport my vehicles?

Normally, advance notice of around 2 weeks is all that is needed to schedule your dealer to dealer transport on the next available truck. The reason is the auto transport industry is route-based, making it difficult to find a truck to transport your cars on short-notice. By giving us this much notice, we will ensure your cars get picked up on time.

Where do my cars get picked up?

Simply AutoShipping offers door-to-door and dealer to dealer service. This means that our transport carrier will come to your dealership and put your vehicles on the truck right in front of you. Since our trucks can be as long as 75 ft, it helps to ensure that your dealership can be accessed by city-sized roads. If the truck can't reach your dealership, they will call you to see if you can meet at a nearby parking lot where the truck can fit. Also, many cities prohibit giant trucks from traveling down minor or suburban roads.

Do I need to be there at pick-up?

We highly recommend that you or a designated point person is available for the pick-up and delivery acceptance of your cars. Our transport drivers will inspect all vehicles for damage and present a condition report for you to sign at either pick-up or delivery. Being there means that you can physically verify documentation stating the condition of your vehicles. This is critical in the event that any issues arise. We feel you should take the time needed to inspect your cars for any damages that might have occurred during transit.

How does Simply Auto Shipping's door to door service different than other carriers?

This means that Simply AutoShipping will set up pick-up and delivery of your vehicles at your specified locations (such as your office, residence or anywhere that allows space for large trucks). While our competitors may advertise door-to-door service, they may actually require the vehicles to be picked up from a nearby hub. Simply AutoShipping will deliver and pick-up as close to your specified address as possible.

What types of trucks do you use?

We have large trucks that can facilitate the shipment of between 8 to 10 cars. These are the same trailers we use to transport new cars to automotive dealerships. Our trucks are longer than the average semi trailer. Cities and urban areas are the most accessible for pick-up and delivery services because of the height of the trucks and lack of maneuverability. If we do encounter any restrictions, we will call you to schedule an adjacent meeting place.

Can I leave things in the vehicles?

Simply AutoShipping would discourage you from leaving any items in your vehicles. A few items may be okay, but anything more is not usually allowed. The reason is auto dealer transport companies must abide by Federal laws, which means we are not licensed to transport household goods. A good rule to follow is not to store more than 100 lbs of items in the trunk. Boxes or other items should not be loaded in the passenger compartment. During transit, these items may shift which can damage your car's interior. Also, the contents may block the driver's view when they are loading or unloading your vehicle. Not to mention, any personal items are your full responsibility. The auto shippers' insurance policy does not cover your personal items.

How do I make a payment?

To begin your auto transport service, we require a booking deposit via PayPal. This is done only once while the car is loaded on the trailer and en route. After that, the remaining balance is due upon delivery. Our carriers only accept cash or certified check.

What about insurance?

By law, all dealer to dealer transport services are required to carry insurance to cover your vehicles during transit. At Simply AutoShipping, we only use umbrella coverage that gives you an extra layer of protection that other car dealing shipping companies may not offer. Upon delivery and/or pick-up, it is essential for you to complete and sign the vehicle inspection report. We will leave you with a copy that you can use to carefully inspect your vehicle. We want you to take as much time as needed to perform an end-to-end inspection. If you believe any damage has been incurred during transit, then transcribe the details on the report and have your driver sign it. This is acknowledgment that damages may have occurred. This documentation is then used to validate any and all claims.

What are my options if my vehicles arrive damaged?

This is a good question to ask, and we understand where you are coming from. While Simply AutoShipping takes pride in having the majority of transports hassle-free, unfortunately, accidents can take place sporadically. This is why documentation and your presence is so important. If you do believe that damage occurred during shipping, then you can compare the pick-up inspection report with the delivery inspection report to compare and contrast the vehicle before and after transport. Acknowledgement of the condition requires the signature of both you and your transport driver. Document any damages you notice, upon delivery, on your bill and get your driver's signature.

Is my car sent on only one trailer truck?

On most occasions, the answer is yes. Generally, your vehicles will stay on the same truck that picks it up and delivers the autos. The only reason why a truck might be changed is if it experiences a mechanical issue along the way.

How should I prepare my vehicle?

Start by removing all personal items from your vehicle. You should also repair any chips and/or cracks in your windows to ensure that your vehicle is ready for any and all potential changing weather conditions. Also, do not have anything more than 1/4 tank of fuel.

What if my car is inoperable?

We can still roll and steer your cars, but an additional fee may apply since specialized equipment will be needed to load and unload your vehicles. It may also require additional loading and unloading time.