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Auto shipping is easier than you think!

Our dedicated carriers are among the best in the auto shipping industry. We carefully screen all of our drivers to ensure your automobile is delivered safely. When transporting your car you have two options, open trailer or enclosed trailer transportation. Here, at Simply Auto Shipping we believe that both auto transportation options are extremely valuable. The questions come down to what type of car you are shipping and what your target budget is? While both shipping options are safe and secure, with open transportation, your auto is open to the elements. Keep in mind that about 90% of car shipments are done with an open trailer. Enclosed auto shipments are usually for high-end vehicles that demand a dryer covered environment. Of course, the choice is always yours and Simply Auto Shipping always delivers on your needs. Call us to learn more about your auto shipping options.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide customers with comprehensive, stress-free auto transportation. Complex or misleading tactics are not in our repertoire. Instead, our customers benefit from a transparent, short shipping process that is easy to understand. Here is what you can expect, step by step, if you choose Simply Auto Shipping as your auto shipping service provider:

  • QUOTE:  Request a custom, no-obligation Simply Auto Shipping quote.

    Our custom quotes are for door to door shipping of your vehicle to anywhere in the continental United States.  Unlike some competitors, our quotes are not auto-populated based on a generic equation of miles and average rate per mile.  Instead, we tailor our quotes to your specific needs and ensure that it's aligned with the current supply and demand of the market.  Your quote will be honored for up to 10 days after the initial estimate.

  • STEP ONE:  Complete your Simply Auto Shipping order form.

    We know that your time is valuable, that is why we email your auto shipping quote, with a direct link to our order form.  Once we receive your completed order form, one of our expert team members will contact you to establish a pick up window for your vehicle and to address any questions that you may have.

  • STEP TWO:  Ship your car.

    Your car will be picked up by one of our licensed and insured carriers, to begin its journey towards your chosen location.  At pick up, the driver will inspect the vehicle and note the condition of it on a bill of lading form.  Once this form is signed by you, or the person who is releasing the vehicle, the driver will then safely load it on the trailer.  When your vehicle is on its way, you will receive an email where you will be asked to make a small deposit.  You may submit your deposit via PayPal online, right through that email, or by phone.

  • STEP THREE:  Receive your car.

    Our partner carrier will deliver your car to the specified location within two weeks of the order date.  About a day before delivery, you will be contacted to schedule a delivery time.  Upon delivery, our carrier and the person receiving your car, will check over the vehicle to ensure that the condition of the car is as stated on the signed bill of lading form.  Once this is complete, the driver will collect the balance on your account.  This is payable via cash or certified check.

  • FINISHED:  You are ready to go for a drive!

    That is it!  You are all done with us and now you are ready to take your car for a spin.  See how quick and simple our auto shipping process is?

Shipping a car should not be complicated or confusing. With Simply Auto Shipping’s simple, hassle-free transportation process, you can be confident that you are getting the best value and service for your money.

Want more information on Simply Auto Shipping’s transportation process? Need a quote? Please feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or toll-free at 855-865-SHIP.

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