There is a reason that so many customers trust Simply AutoShipping for their vehicle shipping needs – we deliver! We offer safe and secure shipping experiences no matter what type of vehicle you have – car, truck, van, motorcycle or even heavy equipment – we know how to ensure it arrives safely at the given destination. Not only do we provide reliable shipping services, we take the vehicles dealer-to-dealer, this means once we pick up, the next time the vehicle is on the ground will be at the desired destination.

We offer several options for transporting your vehicle. Each option is completely safe and secure and provides guarantees that your vehicle is going to arrive safely. These shipping methods include:

Open vehicle shipping services

Chances are you have seen the trucks on the interstate – the ones with 10 to 20 vehicles on board. This is exactly what our open vehicle shipping services offers. This is especially beneficial if you are moving more than one vehicle at a time, since we may be able to provide a lower rate for car dealer shipping of multiple shipments.

Enclosed vehicle shipping service

This is one of the most popular and reliable services that Simply AutoShipping offers. If you are transporting vintage or unique vehicles, then this is the ideal option since they will be protected from any adverse weather conditions during shipment. There is no question that traveling across the state or even country can result in a number of unexpected weather events. Yet, when you take advantage of our enclosed vehicle shipping services, this is a concern you can forget all about.

Lowbody shipping services

We can even handle your commercial, industrial or construction equipment. No matter the size or weight of the item you need shipped our transport services can handle it without breaking a sweat. Whether you need backhoes or bulldozers moved or high-dollar warehouse equipment, we’ve got you covered. With our help, you can feel confident that your equipment will arrive at your new work site or other location safely and when you need it.

Additional information

Shipping your vehicle with us is definitely easy. We will provide you with a price for the shipment and this is what you will pay – you will never receive a bill for something other than what you are told.

Also, we highly recommend that you take all personal belongings out of the vehicle prior to our shipping services picking it up. There is no coverage for any items inside of the vehicle. We also highly recommend that you are at the destination to receive the vehicle when it comes in. This way if there is any type of damage or other issue, it can be noted prior to the driver leaving. This will benefit everyone involved in the actual dealer transport service.

The bottom line

When it comes to shipping your vehicle – regardless of how close or far away it may be going – having all the information ahead of time is essential. Simply AutoShipping offers our customers the highest level of customer support and service available and will be available for any questions that you may have in regard to the shipping process of the safety of your vehicle.

While there are a number of other shipping services available, you will find our services are far superior once you try us. Contact us today for more information regarding moving your vehicle and let us make the process simple.

We are dedicated to complete customer satisfaction, and this shows with the reputation we have earned through successful car dealer shipping services. We are willing to take on any challenge, any type of vehicle and ensure it is delivered, safe and sound, to its new home.

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